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Sign up for my InTouchCRM Newsletter

If you use the InTouchCRM system then you may have configured a Sign-up Form so that people can subscribe to your Newsletter. The system offers two methods for including it in your site

  1. Automatic Form – using Javascript
  2. Manual Form – using HTML

Either way, integrating the code into a standard WordPress site isn’t particularly easy.
Pasting raw Javascript is fraught with danger; for users who switch between Visual and Text edit modes the Javascript code sometimes just disappears. Poof!

Pasting HTML has its own problems AND there can be a lot of it AND if may also include Javascript.

Fortunately, using the oik plugin, you can easily create the Automatic form using the [bw_jq] shortcode.

Using [bw_code bw_jq] to reference Javascript

Sample JavaScript

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.intouchcrm.co.uk/app/settings/signupforms/v/Default.aspx?s=8398EA42-E683-4730-8A49-A1F09E48C46E"></script>

converts to

[bw_jq src="https://www.intouchcrm.co.uk/app/settings/signupforms/v/Default.aspx?s=8398EA42-E683-4730-8A49-A1F09E48C46E" inline=n]

Why did I put this here?

Bobbing Wide doesn’t actually publish a Newsletter using InTouchCRM, but we wanted to test the Sign-up form.
So here it is. Have fun.