http:// versus https:// – SSL connection error

When a site is first set up you will be able to access it using the http:// protocol
In order to be able to use the https:// protocol you will require a security certificate.

If you don’t have a security certificate then, if you try to access the site using the https:// protocol then you will probably see an error message.

Try these links to see if this website supports HTTPS

  • Do I need HTTPS?

    From wikipedia…

    certificate-authenticated SSL is considered mandatory by all security guidelines whenever a web site hosts confidential information or performs material transactions.

    performs material transactions = taking payment

    If your site is actually taking payment card information then you should have a security certificate.
    If you’re just using PayPal then it’s probably not necessary as you don’t deal with any payment details.

    hosts confidential information = storing information that needs to be protected

    If your website is storing information that you wouldn’t / shouldn’t share then you probably need a security certificate.

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