backwpup – download and test backup

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This short, silent video demonstrates the downloading of a backup file created by backwpup and testing that it’s a valid backup by inspecting the contents using 7-ZIP file manager.


  • Login to website and navigate to the dashboard
  • Choose BackWPup > Backups
  • Select the most recent backup file to download
  • Click on Download
  • Choose the local folder for storing the backup
  • Select Save to initiate the downloading
  • Wait until the download is complete
  • Open the backup. It should open in 7-ZIP file manager
  • Explore the contents of the .tar.gz file; expand the .tar file – see that it contains your WordPress installation.
  • This should be enough to confirm that the backup file can be used to recreate your website, in the state it was in when the backup was performed.


  • backwpup installed on WordPress website
  • backup previously run
  • 7-ZIP file manager installed on PC and associated to .tag.gz file types

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