Perform backups

There are a multitude of plugins that you can use to create a backup of your WordPress site.

Two of the FREE favourites are backwpup and backupwordpress

Steps for first install

  1. Install your chosen plugin and activate it
  2. Visit the plugin’s settings page; Tools > Backups or
  3. Define your choices
  4. Run a complete backup of database and files
  5. Download the .zip file

backwpup makes it very easy to run your first backup.
backupwordpress makes it very easy to schedule regular backups.??By default it performs a daily backup of your database and a weekly backup of your database & files. You can modify these schedules.

Each time you update WordPress

If you’re paranoid

If you’re bothered that installing the WordPress plugin could harm your site then you should run a cPanel backup first.


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