Login to WordPress – Are you human?

An alternative implementation of the “Human check” security check ( Login to WordPress – Authentication required) has now been implemented by 5quidhost.

When you attempt to log in to your WordPress site you may see the following page.

Are you human?

You’re required to complete the captcha form. The system should remember that you’ve done this correctly.


Herb’s comments

  • This interface is a bit less daunting than the Authentication check – but they could have chosen a better background colour … ?Google displays a dark red page when it thinks it’s unsafe to proceed.
  • It’s not clear whether or not the “captcha” is case-sensitive; ?it was tricky getting in using my iPhone.
  • They can’t correctly capitalize WordPress
  • For users who were already logged in before this change, the dialog may be displayed when you log out of the site.
  • It would have been nice to have a link to 5quidhost’s support pages to confirm that it was their system that is displaying the page AND not your WordPress site.



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