WordPress 3.5.2 and improved Human check

While some of us are waiting rather impatiently for WordPress 3.6, a new version of 3.5 has been released – 3.5.2.

This coincides with some improvements to the Human check implemented by the hosting company 5quidhost.

So next time you log into your site be prepared for a little extra distraction. Continue reading

Sign up for my InTouchCRM Newsletter

If you use the InTouchCRM system then you may have configured a Sign-up Form so that people can subscribe to your Newsletter. The system offers two methods for including it in your site

  1. Automatic Form – using Javascript
  2. Manual Form – using HTML

Either way, integrating the code into a standard WordPress site isn’t particularly easy.
Pasting raw Javascript is fraught with danger; for users who switch between Visual and Text edit modes the Javascript code sometimes just disappears. Poof!

Pasting HTML has its own problems AND there can be a lot of it AND if may also include Javascript.

Fortunately, using the oik plugin, you can easily create the Automatic form using the [bw_jq] shortcode.

Using [bw_code bw_jq] to reference Javascript

Sample JavaScript

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.intouchcrm.co.uk/app/settings/signupforms/v/Default.aspx?s=8398EA42-E683-4730-8A49-A1F09E48C46E"></script>

converts to

[bw_jq src="https://www.intouchcrm.co.uk/app/settings/signupforms/v/Default.aspx?s=8398EA42-E683-4730-8A49-A1F09E48C46E" inline=n]

Why did I put this here?

Bobbing Wide doesn’t actually publish a Newsletter using InTouchCRM, but we wanted to test the Sign-up form.
So here it is. Have fun.

WordPress security: don’t use admin / password

It’s happening all the time. Automated systems are trying to get access to your website. Some exploit known vulnerabilities; others just use brute force. The latest scare is a large botnet that attempts to find your WordPress administrator’s password and therefore get control of your site. It tries to login as “admin” using a huge set of passwords. If your administrator username is “admin” then you’re pretty vulnerable.
AND if your password is one of the most common then you’re stuffed.
So change both now! Continue reading

Use shortcodes to reduce the amount you type

Use the [bw_posts] shortcode to list blog posts
Similar to [bw_list]