SiteGround switch to Site Tools replacing cPanel

Some time in September my reseller hosting with SiteGround was switched from cPanel to Site Tools. SiteGround tell me that there are performance and management improvements resulting from the change. But, I don’t know what the benefits are. As far as I can see the changes have come at a cost.

Systems management of my sites has changed.

Now it takes me a lot longer to do things that were a doddle with cPanel.

  1. Primary userids for each site were changed – for both logging to the system and the primary email account.
  2. There were unexpected/unexplained changes to .htacess files that broke at least one of the sites.
  3. The changes have preventing email clients using IMAP from subscribing to different accounts under the main account.
  4. It is no longer easy to download backups of the site to a local installation. The new process is far more convoluted. Using cPanel I was able download an SQL backup and the whole of the public_html folder with 2 clicks.

There is some documentation at but it doesn’t explain how to obtain a complete backup of the site.

BTW: I’ve never used SiteGround’s staging site capability.