Problems with Human Check and wp-login.php

We’ve recently been working on a problem where the user ends up on a White Screen Of Death (WSOD) when the WordPress login form was supposed to have been processing the request.

It happens in the following situations.

  1. User visits a page where the login form’s HTML is similar to that shown below.
    Note: The values of action=site_url/wp-login.php and method=post.
  2. The “humancheck” cookie does not exist.

HTML for the inline login form

The HTML generated by the standard WordPress login api ( wp_login_form ) is as follows.

[bw_geshi html]


Login form looks like this

If you’re not logged in then the login form should be displayed.

Problem workaround

  • For sites with wp-members it’s possible to use the standard WP-members solution to block the post/page. The input from the WP-members form does not get submitted to wp-login.php so it works without being intercepted by the Human Check.
  • Ask the hosting company to remove the cookie logic for this site.


  • The WP-members blocking method doesn’t appear to work on parent pages… which is one reason why we were using [bw_code bw_login] – as belt and braces.
  • The problem occurs even if you attempt to ensure that naked domains are redirected to the www version.
    e.g. gets redirected to

Problem resolution

  • Ask the hosting company to alter the cookie logic so that the “Are you human?” page does appear to this legitimate user.