Update to WordPress 3.7.1

WordPress 3.7 was released on 24th October, swiftly followed by WordPress 3.7.1 on 29th October 2013.
Version 3.7.1 is a maintenance release.

Update to WordPress 3.7.1 using the same process as shown for WordPress 3.6

Update to WordPress 3.6


Before applying any update remember to take a backup and confirm that the backup file will unpack.

I had problems updating a couple of sites, with Fatal errors occurring after the updates.
I don’t know if the fixes in version 3.7.1 address these, or if there are fixes available.
Here’s a short list of recent problems.

  • Fatal errors after updating all-in-one-event-calendar plugin. The Standard version attempted an update from version 1.10.9-standard, but ended up getting version 1.10.4 – Lite from WordPress.org This is a known problem. Recovery involved starting again, by removing the bad version, then downloading and re-installing v1.10.2 from WordPress.org.
  • Fatal error with si-contact-form. I didn’t fix this. I’d previously switched to using the bw_contact_form shortcode. See below. So having confirmed that it was no longer being used I simply deactivated the plugin.
  • Warning message from wordpress-seo during plugin and theme updates.
    Warning: Missing argument 3 for wpseo_upgrader_process_complete()

    It’s more an annoyance than a problem. It’s a known problem, that seems to go away when you update to WordPress 3.7.1

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If you want help with applying the upgrades then let me know.

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